Sewer cleaning and drain pipe repair in Wiesbaden and the Rhine-Main region since 1969

Abfluss-AS: Your specialist sewer cleaning company for Wiesbaden and the Rhine-Main region with over 50 years of expertise.

As an experienced, professional service company, we offer our customers in Wiesbaden and the entire Rhine-Main region comprehensive sewer cleaning services as well as a 24-hour emergency service. We are at your service around the clock, 365 days a year.

At Abfluss-AS, we combine over 50 years of experience with tradition and innovation to offer you the best possible service outcome. Our service fleet is therefore constantly kept up to date with the latest technology. We use a wide range of equipment, e.g. high-pressure water equipment, special spirals, high-resolution pipe cameras and GPS locating devices, to clear even the most complicated of problems. Our qualified and experienced service technicians are trained to solve even the most challenging sewer cleaning problems and remove the most stubborn pipe blockages.

As a sewer cleaning specialist in the Wiesbaden area, we are aware of our environmental responsibility. We work in an environmentally friendly manner and attach great importance to the use of sustainable and ecological processes.

Step 1: Contacting and commissioning the sewer cleaning or 24-hour emergency service

As an experienced sewer cleaning and wastewater technology service provider, we have been operating in Wiesbaden and the entire Rhine-Main region for over 50 years. Our 24-hour emergency service is available all year round for urgent sewer cleaning problems and to clear malfunctions in the pipework system. When you first contact us by enquiry form, telephone or e-mail, we ask you to describe your problem as precisely as possible so that we can get an early idea of the situation. Based on this, our experts will make an initial assessment. We will also decide whether an on-site inspection by our specialist technicians is necessary. In the case of conventional drainage problems, we can usually provide an initial non-binding estimate for sewer pipe flushing or repairs. We ask for your understanding that, as a reputable professional business, we are unable to provide exact cost details, as this can only be done after inspecting the situation on site. Only when our service technicians have analysed and documented the actual extent of the sewer fault can we give you a binding cost estimate.

Step 2: Professional sewer cleaning and drain cleaning in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area

Abfluss-AS eliminates pipe or sewer blockages professionally, effectively and precisely. To do this, we use state-of-the-art technology. After our drain cleaning or sewer cleaning, we will inform you in detail about our findings. If necessary, we will also suggest preventative measures that should be carried out in good time to minimise the risk of a new blockage or blockage of the drain and the subsequent need for another pipe or sewer cleaning.

Step 3: Digital documentation and inspection of the drain cleaning in Wiesbaden

All activities carried out as well as issues discussed together are documented in writing in our mainly digitalised work reports once the work has been completed. Further measures and any necessary renovations, e.g. on damaged or dilapidated sewers, are also documented. The complete work report will then be submitted to you for signature. On request, we can also carry out a TV sewer inspection to visualise possible damaged areas in the sewer network. Such video and image recordings are usually extremely relevant for building insurance, especially in the event of damage.

Our services

  • Drain unclogging in the house connection area
  • Basic cleaning of all sewage pipes from DN30 to DN500
  • Individual maintenance of fault-prone drainage systems
  • Cleaning of rainwater systems
  • Removal of the most stubborn roots in wastewater and rainwater sewers
  • Flushing and cleaning of drainage pipes
  • Removal of even hardened concrete or bitumen deposits
  • Basic cleaning of sewage shafts
  • Suction and cleaning of separation systems
  • Special service: Cleaning of industrial conveyor pipes (e.g. plastic granulates or similar)

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