As-Built Plan Creation in Maintal

Our support in the creation of your drainage system

In Maintal, as in many other places, a lack of available drainage plans is a common issue, especially for older buildings and detached homes. Builders often neglect the "invisible stepchild" drainage system due to cost considerations while prioritizing visible components, such as conservatories or unique roof designs.

This disregard can lead to serious construction errors during renovations, resulting in high warranty claims, unexpected follow-up costs, and trouble for property owners. To prevent these issues, a professional as-built plan can provide an accurate representation of the existing drainage system and enable efficient planning of necessary upgrades or repairs.

The most common problems from practice

Problems Consequences
Missing drainage plan Subsequent changes and targeted cleaning of the drainage system are difficult
Laying of the base pipe without sufficient slope Risk of blockage
Incorrect installation of backwater protection systems Cellar flooded during heavy rainfall
Missing inspection or cleaning opening Work on the drainage system is not possible or is difficult to do

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