Corporate Principles

The Abfluss-AS-Allianz Corporate Principles are the foundation of our commitment to provide high quality work while operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. In doing so, our Corporate Principles provide the compass for our actions and behaviors within the alliance based on over 50 years of corporate culture.

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At our company, seriousness comes first. We see seriousness as the basis for trust, reliability and long-term partnerships. Our company concept is based on solid principles and ethical behavior, which enable us to always offer our customers and business partners the highest level of professionalism.

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Our company relies on regionality as a central element of our business model. The proximity to our customers enables personal and direct cooperation, which increases the quality of our products and services. We are proud to be an integral part of our local community and contribute to regional development.

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Our company attaches great importance to authenticity. We stand for authenticity in everything we do – from our products and services to our communication. Through honesty and transparency, we strive to earn trust with our customers and build long-term relationships. For us, authenticity is not just a value, but a promise that we keep every day.

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Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is our ultimate goal. We rely on excellent service, quality and personal relationships to win the trust of our customers. Through continuous improvement and individual support, we strive to build long-term relationships. The satisfaction of our customers is our motivation and the key to long-term success.


Quality Management

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Our quality management is essential for our success. We rely on stringent processes, regular reviews and continuous improvement to ensure the highest standards. Through training, we ensure that every employee understands the importance of quality and strives to achieve it in everything we do.

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Social Responsibility

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Social responsibility is a core value of our company. We are actively involved in the community through donations, volunteerism and partnerships with social organizations. Our business practices are designed to create positive social impact and contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world.

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