Leak Test in Hofheim

of wastewater pipes from DN 40 to DN 400

In Hofheim we offer specialised leak testing services. As legislation focuses more and more on environmentally friendly practices, companies and property owners are increasingly required to comply with strict standards.

One such standard, DIN EN 1610, requires leak testing of newly installed drainage pipes as an integral part of building inspections.

For existing drainage systems, the guidance shifts to DIN 1986 Part 30 and the relevant worksheets provided by the German Wastewater Association (ATV). Our service is designed to help you navigate these requirements with ease and ensure that your drainage systems are compliant.

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Our Services

  • Leak test of newly laid wastewater pipes
  • Leak test of wastewater pipes of special buildings
  • Leak test as proof for building insurances

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Municipalities rely on leak testing

Even though the regulation of leak testing according to the Hessian Sewage Inspection Ordinance (EKVO) for private households has been suspended in Hesse since March 2012, many municipalities still enact their own deadlines, which are binding for property owners.

According to the EKVO, all private supply channels should have been examined by a specialist company by December 31, 2024. Exceptions were lines that were built after 01.01.1996 or that were permanently renovated. They should have been checked by the end of 2039. This time constrains – as explained before – are currently not in force. However, the specifications of the municipalities are binding

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