Rainwater Infiltration in Bad Homburg

Installation and maintenance of infiltration trenches

In Bad Homburg, we offer specialized Rainwater Infiltration Services. The practice of sealing land has led to rising costs for drinking water and wastewater treatment, and increased instances of flood-related damage. As a response, rainwater infiltration is becoming an essential consideration for new constructions, remodeling, and renovation projects. Modern techniques now enable the near-natural management of accumulated rainwater.

This advancement has led to regulatory authorities more frequently mandating decentralized infiltration methods to be implemented on site. One effective solution for this is the use of infiltration troughs, which we provide as part of our services. Our Rainwater Infiltration Services in Bad Homburg are designed to help manage rainwater efficiently and sustainably, aligning with environmental guidelines and helping to mitigate the broader impact of urban development on natural water cycles.

What is decentralised rainwater infiltration?

When rainwater that has not been polluted with harmful substances infiltrates directly onto the property, this is referred to as “decentralised rainwater infiltration”. The technical issues in this context are regulated by the DWA-A 138 worksheet.

Rainwater Infiltration

What is a storm drain?

An infiltration trench is an underground trench in which rainwater can infiltrate. Infiltration trenches are mainly planned because of limited space and the relatively simple realisation.

Infiltration trenches can be installed under paved paths and areas accessible by lorries. They can be combined with other techniques, e.g. above-ground depressions (swales).

Rigole Graf

Amendment of the Water Resources Act

According to the amended German Water Resources Act (WHG), more rainwater is to be infiltrated instead of being drained into the sewage system as was previously the case. According to § 55 para. 2 WHG, the mixing of rainwater and wastewater is to be avoided. In fact, this regulation means the end of the principle of mixed sewerage.

Furthermore, rainwater infiltration systems are increasingly prescribed in development plans. Modern infiltration trenches offer various advantages over classic rainwater infiltration (troughs, gravel):

  • High storage and infiltration capacity (only 30% of the gravel volume is required for the same capacity).
  • Less land required (less excavation)
  • Hardly any restriction on surface usability (in contrast to swale infiltration)

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