Sewer Rehabilitation in Nidderau

without costly digging up

Are you looking for a drainage and sewer repair service in Nidderau? Abfluss-AS is the specialist you can rely on. We offer a wide range of different methods to repair sewer pipes. One of our special techniques ist the “Short-Liner” technique. With this approach we can avoid digging of major excavations or trenches. This innovative trenchless method uses special resin impregnated glass fibre mats, to line and repair the damaged area from the inside. The result the result is ecologically sound and long-lasting.

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Procedure of a short liner rehabilitation

  • Preliminary cleaning of the pipe
  • Check of the extent of damage with TV inspection
  • TV inspection to document the actual condition and exact measurement of the damaged area
  • Application of a resin-coated glass-fibre mat on an installation device (packer), positioning of the packer under camera observation
  • Proof of repair success by TV inspection

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