Continuous Service Contracts (DSV) with and without maintenance in Mainz

The best “insurance” against frequent drainage malfunctions or for quick emergency assistance

In Mainz, Abfluss-AS provides a range of Continuous Service Contracts (DSV), available both with and without maintenance options. We've designed three distinct types of contracts, each customized to meet the specific needs of our individual customers. As a client, you'll benefit from using only the services you truly require. This approach is not only cost-effective, but it also spares you from unnecessary work and helps you avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Should you fail to adequately monitor and clean your drainage system, you could face complications with your building insurance. Insurance companies are authorized to reduce or even deny claims in the event of damage if they establish that the maintenance has been insufficient. Our contracts are structured to protect you from such risks, ensuring your drainage system is well-maintained and compliant with insurance requirements.

Advantages of our permanent service contracts (DSV)

  • Fewer breakdowns of your wastewater systems and less hassle for yourself
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs for wastewater systems that are susceptible to malfunctions
  • Regular maintenance or emergency assistance available on a case-by-case basis
  • Maintenance premiums as apportionable operating costs
  • Preferential service in speed and price at any time
  • Adaptation of your DSV to your individual needs, even during the contract period

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