Backwater Protection and Wastewater Lifting Systems in Rödermark

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You can rely on our expertise and over fifty years of knowledge in backwater protection and wastewater lifting systems in Rödermark and the Rhine-Main area. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair services, you can count on our capable team.

Backwater prevention systems are designed with a dual purpose: to prevent wastewater from reversing into the drainage pipes and to elevate the drainage pipes sufficiently, ensuring that backflowing wastewater is kept away from the building’s drainage system.

What is backwater?

The term describes a situation that occurs when more wastewater is temporarily entering into the sewer system than it can “swallow”, e.g. due to heavy rainfall. The wastewater then rises within the sewer system and inexorably escapes wherever it can – i.e. from manhole covers, yard drains, in your cellar and, in the worst case, in your toilet.

What is the backflow level?

The backwater level is the highest level to which the water level in a drainage system can rise. Drainage points that lie below this level must be secured against backwater. In general, the backwater level is the upper edge of the street (physical backwater level) plus a 15 cm safety distance.

What has to be considered during planning and installation?

There are a few points to consider:

  • Composition of the wastewater (e.g. faecal-free / faecal-containing wastewater)
  • Installation inside or outside buildings
  • Individual or collective protection of the drainage points
  • The slope to the street sewer
  • Checking whether wastewater must be disposed during backwater
  • Legal standards (e.g. DIN EN 13564 or DIN EN 12050)

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Maintenance of backwater protection and wastewater lifting systems

To maintain your insurance cover after installation, regular maintenance is required by the insurance company.

Backwater valves must be maintained in accordance with DIN EN 13564-1 as follows:

  • once a month by the operator or his authorized representative by means of a visual inspection, whereby the functionality of the emergency closure as well as the operating closure must be confirmed.
  • maintenance at least every six months by a certified specialist company.

Lifting stations must be regularly maintained by a certified specialist company in accordance with DIN EN 1986-3:

  • every 3 months in commercial establishments
  • every 6 months in apartment buildings
  • every 12 months in single-family houses
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Continuous maintenance of your Jung Pumpen System offers:

  • Prevention of cost-intensive repairs
  • High operational reliability, low failure rate
  • Long service life
  • High efficiency of the system
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