Grease Separators: general inspection and maintenance in Rödermark

In need of detailed inspection and maintenance for your grease separators in Rödermark? Abfluss-AS offers you thorough expert services. It is mandatory to have a certified general inspection before putting your separator systems to use for the first time. Furthermore, you are legally required to have your grease separators maintained and inspected regularly by trained and qualified inspectors, including a comprehensive general inspection every five years. We at Abfluss-AS are prepared to provide you with a suitably qualified inspector who will guarantee compliance with all the necessary standards and regulations, as demanded by the relevant authorities.

To maintain the efficiency and compliance of your grease separators, it is vital to follow these maintenance intervals:

  • Monthly: Conduct a self-inspection by someone with the necessary competence.
  • Bi-annually: Have maintenance performed by a trained inspector.
  • Every Five Years: A comprehensive general inspection by a qualified inspector is mandatory.

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