TV Inspection and Location in Rödermark

TV inspection as well as course and damage location of sewage pipes, DN 40 to DN 400

Abfluss-AS – Your go-to specialist for TV Inspection and Localization in Rödermark. For persistent drainage issues, we advise to employ our state-of-the-art TV diagnostic systems.

Utilizing the insights gained (such as root intrusion, significant displacements, or construction debris), we meticulously plan and execute the necessary steps to address and solve the existing problem permanently.

Other occasions / reasons for TV Inspection and Location

  • Suspected pipe defects
  • Damp masonry
  • New construction and renovation measures
  • Sale/acquisition of property / real estate
  • Statutory or municipal requirements (e.g. from the Frankfurt municipal drainage system)
  • Preparation of as-built plan

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