Sewer Rehabilitation in Rödermark

without costly digging up

Are you in need of Services for sewer rehabilitation for your property in Rödermark? Abfluss-AS are experts in sewer renovations – with but also without excavation work.

Gone are the days of disruptive and expensive excavation work. Thanks to modern, trenchless repair methods, there is often no longer need for disruptive and extensive excavation work to repair damages in your sewer pipes. Our experienced team is also specialized in using a closed construction technique that eliminates the necessity for extensive digging. Our preferred method for closed repairs, is the so-called short liner method. This innovative approach involves lining the damaged section from the inside with a special glass fiber mat that has been saturated with resin and is therefore waterproof. This not only minimizes the impact on your property but also ensures a swift and efficient restoration of your sewer system’s integrity.

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Procedure of a short liner rehabilitation

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